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Walk of Shame Costume Ideas

Act dazed and hungover to really sell the costume.
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The walk of shame is a post-party phenomenon in which a person must walk back home after a night of heavy drinking and other adult activities. Someone embarking on a walk of shame is wearing dirty clothing and looks disheveled and tired, which makes it a fun idea for a costume. Using just the clothing in your closet and a few simple finishing touches you can pull of an easy walk of shame costume.

Costume Ideas for Her

To create a female walk of shame costume, start with the clothing. An over-sized, dirty T-shirt or a man's button-down shirt over a miniskirt or dress is a good start. When buttoning the shirt, be sure to skip a hole or two. Wear a pair of over-sized flipflops or go barefoot and carry a pair of high heels in your hands. Mess up your hair and smear makeup all over your face to give yourself that post-party look.

For Him

Guys are known for the walk of shame, too, but their version is a little different. Wear a greasy, dirty T-shirt under an open button-down shirt and dirty blue jeans. Mess up your hair and then slap a hat over it. For footwear have one missing sock or wear one flip-flop. Keep your belt unbuckled and wear half of your shirt untucked. Rub lipstick all over your mouth and have a friend put big red kisses on your neck and face.

Holiday Walk of Shame

A walk of shame is even worse the day after a holiday because the walker is usually wearing something ridiculous. Dress like a Halloween walk of shame and wear a disheveled sexy school girl or vampire costume. Try mixing parts of two different costumes, like a doctor's lab coat over a maid uniform. A St. Patrick's Day walk of shame would feature green clothing and smeared green makeup. For a New Year's walk of shame, stick pieces of confetti in your hair and wear a beat-up party hat.

The Finishing Touches

Add a few creative details to really drive home the point. A broken pair of handcuffs on one wrist gives your costume a naughty edge. If you want to go for gross-out funny, then add fake vomit down the front of your shirt to dress like someone who partied a little too much. Put matted leaves and twigs in your hair and on your clothing to indicate that you might have passed out while still outside. Use your imagination to make a costume that tells a story about the night before.

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