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How to Make a Pig Snout Mask

Make a pig mask for your child's Halloween costume.
pig baby image by Maria Bell from Fotolia.com

It's time to dress up for Halloween, and your child wants to be a pig. A great Halloween project for you and your child is to make his mask. An easy one to make is a pig snout. It requires little skill and yet provides a whole lot of fun.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pink Poster Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black Marker
  • One-Hole Punch
  • String Or Yarn
  • Small Paper Cup

Paint the outside of the paper cup with the pink paint and paintbrush and let dry overnight.

Draw two filled-in circles for nostrils on the bottom of the cup using the black marker. This will be the end of the pig's snout.

Punch two holes into the cup, one on each side of the cup. Make each hole about one to a half-inch from the rim of the cup. The holes should be even with the nostril circles.

Cut two pieces of yarn or string long enough to tie behind your child's head. Push the end of one string through one of the holes and tie into a knot near the edge of the cup. Repeat with the other piece of string and the other hole.

Place the snout over your child's nose and tie at the back of his head to check for fit and comfort.

If your child has a hard time breathing with the snout on, remove the snout and, using the hole punch, punch one or two holes in the cup below his nostrils. Check again for comfort.


If this snout is too long for your child, cut around the rim to shorten the length of the snout.
An alternative to punching holes and tying the string is to staple the ends of the string onto the insides of the cup. For a slightly different look to the snout, instead of painting the snout, use a hot glue gun to cover it with strips of pink felt.


  • Don't tie the string too tight.
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