How to Make a Zorro Mask

By Jennifer Elrod

Things Needed

  • Black piece of fabric
  • White pencil
  • Scissors
Make a Zorro Mask

"Zorro" is a name most of us recognize. According to billcotter.com, he was created in 1919 by a man named Johnston McCulley, whose many short stories led readers into the adventures of Zorro and his fight for justice. He was known as being the "masked advenger" and that trademark black mask has made its way through history. This article shows you how to make your own Zorro mask.

Cut a piece of black fabric in a long slender rectangle that will go across your eyes and around the circumferance of your head. There should be plenty of room in the back to tie a loose knot.

Find the middle of the fabric by folding it in two and matching up the ends.

Hold your finger at the crease and place this part on the bridge of your nose.

Hold the fabric up over one closed eye, and place a finger on your eye.

Still holding your finger on the spot your eye was, remove the mask from your face and mark a small "x" for the first eye. Draw a small oval around the "x" you drew. Then cut out the holes using a sharp pair of scissors. Repeat the process for the other eye.

Test the mask, and cut bigger eye holes if needed.


To prevent fraying, hem the edges of the fabric.


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