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How to Make Baby Booties Out of Marshmallows for a Baby Shower

Applying icing to marshmallows gives them the appearance of crocheted booties.
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Adorable and edible baby shower decorations for dessert are not only for professionals to make. Large marshmallows create the basic structure for baby booties that can be decorated to look like they were crocheted. The only problem with making one pair of marshmallow booties for a cake is deciding who gets to eat them.

Things You'll Need:

  • Wax Paper
  • 3 Large Marshmallows
  • Kitchen Shears
  • Pink Or Blue Icing
  • Pastry Bag With Star Tip

Dip a pair of large kitchen shears in hot water to enable them to cleanly cut through the marshmallow.

Cut one of the marshmallows in half across the width.

Lay the two whole marshmallows on a piece of wax paper and flatten them slightly with your hand.

Fill a star-tipped pastry bag with pink or blue icing.

Squeeze a drop of icing onto the cut side of each of the two marshmallow halves.

Press the iced portion of a cut marshmallow onto the side of one of the flattened marshmallows to make the upper portion of the shoe that surrounds the ankle. The flattened marshmallow makes up the rest of the bootie. Repeat this step to form the other bootie.

Hold the pastry bag tip perpendicular to the base of one of the flattened marshmallow bootie soles. Squeeze out icing and slowly lift the tip away from the marshmallow as you release the pressure to leave behind a small star on the surface of the marshmallow.

Cover both marshmallow booties with icing stars, moving from the soles of the booties and working around to the top to create parallel lines of stars over the surfaces of the booties.

Let the marshmallow booties dry for 24 hours before moving them to the cake for decoration.

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