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How to Make a Bunny From Kitchen Towels

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A kitchen towel bunny makes a fun gift to take to Easter dinner. Your kitchen towel bunny can carry a small bouquet of flowers, wooden spoons or Easter candy as a gift for your Easter dinner hostess. Make a kitchen towel bunny in someone’s favorite color and personalize the gift with a special note or card attached to the bunny’s arms. Create a centerpiece on your Easter table with a kitchen towel bunny seated on colorful grass and surrounded by chocolate eggs and jelly beans. Kitchen towel bunnies are easy, inexpensive, and fun for the whole family to make.

Things You'll Need:

  • 2 Wash Cloths
  • Scissors
  • 1 Kitchen Towel
  • Ribbon

Lay the towel flat with the right side facing down and fold the towel lengthwise into thirds.

Fold the towel and from the fold shorten one end of the towel while lengthening the other end until the short side is half the length of the towel.

Roll one wash cloth diagonally (corner to corner) to make the ears. With the short side of the towel facing front, insert the rolled wash cloth under the fold. Gather the towel under the ears to create the bunny head and tie the neck with a piece of ribbon. Bring the ends of the wash cloth (the ears) together and tie near the head with a piece of ribbon to make the ears stand up.

Roll the second wash cloth horizontally (from side to side) to make the bunny arms. Insert the arms under the leftover flap just below the head and the ribbon that is tied around the neck. Secure the arms to the body by tying a ribbon around all layers of the towel just under the arms making a bunny waist. The arms will be straight out on each side of the body. Bring the two ends of the arms together and tie them together with a ribbon close to the body to complete the arms.

Tie all the ribbons into small decorative bows.


To make your kitchen towel bunny into a fun gift, insert two wooden spoons, or a chocolate bunny, peeps, a bouquet of flowers, or Easter candy bars into the bunny arms. Making kitchen towel bunnies can be addictive fun for the entire family.


  • Supervise children when using scissors.
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