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Fun Games to Do With Straws

Straws: from drinking materials to game time.
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Everyone likes a party. However, not everyone likes the expense of the party games or favors. Plastic drinking straws are easy to find, inexpensive and fun. Your creativity is the limit! Many games can be played using these straws or variations of them. Have a great time thinking up new twists to some simple games or create new ones.

Lifesavers and Coffee Straws

The winners!
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Cut the straws in half. Give each person one half. Split up the group into two straight line equal lines. Each person puts the straw in his or her mouth. The first person of each group starts off with a Lifesaver candy on the end of the straw. Without using their hands they must pass the Lifesaver onto the next person's straw by tilting head and straw toward the next person, who must try and catch the Lifesaver with their straw. The game moves quickly; the first group to move the Lifesaver to the end of the group is the winner.

Pick-up Sticks -- with Straws

Break up group into two teams. Hold all straws upright in a fist. Let them drop as they will. They should fall in a pile. Players from each team will take turns carefully pulling a straw from the pile without moving the rest. If he is successful, the player keeps the straw. However, if any of the other straws move in the process of removing one, the team forfeits a turn. The team with the most straws at the end wins.

Marshmallow Relay Race

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Cut straws in half and give one half to each person. Give each team a marshmallow. Using masking tape make a start and a finish line. Break the group into two teams and have them line up behind the starting line. The first person in each group blows the marshmallow from the start to the finish line using the straw. After reaching the finish line, the participant must run the marshmallow back to the group and give it to the next player. The winning relay team is the one in which all members have completed a turn and is the first to blow their marshmallow over the finish line.

Straw Structure

Divide group into two groups. Give each group a box of straws. Their goal is to build the tallest building they can in one minute.

M&M's, Jelly Bean or Smarties Transfer Game

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Provide each team with a small cup of candies. Place an empty bowl in the middle of the two teams. The players must suck the candy up with the straw and transfer it to the empty bowl. Once the player drops an M&M into the bowl his next teammate takes a turn and the current player runs to the end of the line. The first team to empty their cup of candy wins. Note: Shake straws work best for this game.

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