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Crazy Food Games to Play With a Group of Teens

Create fun games with food for teens to play.
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When groups of teens gather for a party or social gathering, it is always a good idea to plan fun games for them to play to prevent boredom and keep them out of trouble. Games that involve food are a crazy and sometimes messy way to keep the teens involved in the party. Create a few crazy food games for teens using a few supplies, your imagination and some creativity.

Alphabet Game

Pour a bowl of alphabet soup or pasta for each teen and have them sit at the table. Place a bowl in front of each teen and give her a plate. When you say, “Go,” the teens have to dig into the soup or pasta using their hands to get out letters to create words on their plate. The teen who comes up with the longest word in two minutes wins the game. Other games include who can find a three- or four-letter word in the fastest amount of time. For a less messy version of this game, have the teens use alphabet cereal without, of course, the milk.

Chubby Bunny

Have all the teens sit in a circle. Give each teen a bowl of large marshmallows. Each teen must place one marshmallow in his mouth and go around the circle saying, “Chubby Bunny.” Each round the players must add one large marshmallow to their mouths. Any player who cannot say, “Chubby Bunny,” due to the amount of marshmallows in his mouth is out of the game. If a player cannot fit another marshmallow in his mouth, he is out of the game. The player who can get the most marshmallows in his mouth and still say, “Chubby Bunny,” wins the game.

Blend It

You will need a blender and several random food items, such as bananas, strawberries, candy bars, chocolate syrup and pineapples, to create crazy food game for teenagers. Blend two items at a time (without the teens knowing what they are) and pour the mix into a plastic cup. Give each teen a plastic spoon to take a bite of the concoction. The first player to guess what two ingredients are in the mixture earns a point. The teen who has the most points at the end of the game wins. For a gross and challenging spin to this game, add food items and condiments, such as mustard, spam, ketchup and frozen vegetables.

Whipped Cream Bowls

Place three small chocolate bars in the bottom of disposable bowls. Cover the candy bars with a mound of whipped cream and give one bowl to each teen. Place a small plate beside each player’s bowl. When you say, “Eat,” the teens have to use their face and mouth only to find the three candy bars. They must place all three candy bars on their plate when they find them. The first teen to find all three pieces of candy, place them on the plate and eat them wins the game. You can substitute the chocolate candy with gummy bears, small chocolate candies or gummy worms.

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