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Cowboy Themed Snacks for Kids

cowboy kids
boy cowboy image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.com

It's hard to get kids to eat healthy foods especially snacks with all the packaged treats that they see everywhere. A great way to get your child to eat well is to present their snacks to them in a fun way. A cowboy theme is always a great way to present snacks to children.

Cowboy Face

A cowboy face snack is fun to eat and easy to make. To start take a whole banana and slice it in half longways then put it on the top of the plate, this will make the rim of the cowboy hat. Now take an orange and slice a thick circle out of it then slice the circle in two halves. The halves make the top of the ten gallon hat. Use grapes for eyes and nose and apple pieces for ears. Some raisins make a smile and a few pinches of grated coconut make for tasty cowboy hair.

Lone Ranger Crackers

Using cheese, a few square crackers and some animals crackers you can come up with an edible ranch. First take four square crackers and build a stable out of them. You do this by placing three standing up in an open ended box layout and then put the forth on top as a roof. Next slice some cheese into long pieces and set them up around the stable as a gate. Using a few animals crackers you can populate your ranch.


Everyone knows that cowboys eat beans by the campfire but for a snack you don't have to have canned beans. Instead take some green beans or snow peas and tie them into bundles. With about five of six beans each and a piece of string you go from having plain old beans to having bundles of hay instead. This makes eating vegetables a lot more fun for young children.


S'mores may not be a healthy snack but they are definitely a cowboys snack. They are easy to make in the microwave or oven if you don't want to roast marshmallows on a fire. Take a square of tin foil and on it build your s'more. A graham cracker, piece of chocolate, marshmallow and finally the last graham cracker. Wrap it up in the tin foil and place in the stove on broil for about five minutes or in the microwave for thirty seconds to a minute. You can also add some fruit to the snack with a piece of strawberry or banana inside.

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