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How to add a Mouth to a Snowman

Things You'll Need:

  • Charcoal
  • Rocks
  • Salt water
  • Banana
  • Twigs
  • Toys

How to add a Mouth to a Snowman. Nothing says outdoor fun in the snow like making a snowman. While making a snowman is simple and easy, there is no reason why you can't explore your creativity to give your winter friend a giant personality. Once you have made your snowman body, you are ready to add a mouth. A few tips can give a world of ideas.

Give your frosty friend a classic snowman mouth, using five or six small pieces of charcoal or even rocks to shape a simple smile. If you have trouble getting the rocks or charcoal to stick in the snow, try dipping them in salt water. Press the wet, salty objects onto the head of your snowman and hold in place for a few seconds and they will quickly freeze in place.

Get your snowman grinning and use a large banana for your mouth. Bananas are a bit heavy and wide, and can be difficult to make stick to your snowman's head. Simple dig out the snow a bit where you want the banana to rest and then use your salt water trick to make the banana stick.

Stick to a simple mouth and use small branches or twigs to shape your snowman's mouth. Break the twigs into small pieces and push them lengthwise into to snow. In the way you can make various shapes to give your creation expression. You can make a traditional upward curving line, double curving lines for two lips, or even an oval to make your snowman laugh.

Be creative and use some of your toys to give your snowman a silly mouth. You can use pieces from your Mr. Potato Head or even give your frosty friend some wax lips left over from Halloween. When building your snowman, the sky is the limit. You will be surprised what you can do with simple objects you have lying about your house.

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