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Charade Ideas for Teenagers

Teens can enjoy playing a game of charades.
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Charades is a classic party game that is entertaining for players of all ages, especially teenagers. To play the word-guessing game, players must act out a word or phrase that their teammates must correctly guess in a certain amount of time. When planning a party for teens, you can prepare a variety of charade ideas and themes for them to play.

Movie Ideas

Write down names of different movies on slips of paper. The teens must act out the movie title, trying to get their teams to guess the title in less than one minute. Some movie-title examples include Dirty Dancing, Friday the 13th, Footloose, Star Wars and E.T. Tell the teens to make a scary face for scary movies or laugh for a comedy. The players can use their fingers to hold up the number of words in a title or cup their hands behind their ears to tell their teammates, “Sounds like.” For added fun, create a list of nothing but animated Disney movies to see how much the teens know about the animated films.

Funny Ideas

Create a list of funny phrases and words for the teens to act out. Include words like root beer, bookworm, mosquito bite, funny bone and milkshake. Try funny phrases, such as “hide and seek,” “laugh out loud,” “milking a cow,” “rock and roll,” “head over heels” and “vanish into thin air.” Watching the teens act out these words and phrases is sure to get a laugh out of everyone. If you have a pool, have the teens play a game of water charades. The teens must act out the word or phrase underwater.

Holiday Ideas

For New Year’s Day, use words like firecracker, noisemaker and party poppers for a game of charades. For Halloween, use words, such as pumpkin, mask, candy, witch, monster, graveyard and darkness. You can also create a mix of holiday-themed words like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, presents, balloons, turkey, dressing, Easter eggs, black cat, candy cane, snowman and snowflake. If you are looking for a harder challenge, try holiday phrases like Merry Christmas, Ho-Ho-Ho, Trick-or-Treat, Happy Hanukkah and Ring in the New Year.

Other Ideas

Try some famous people charades for teens using names like Bill Clinton, Vin Diesel, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. For an easy game of animal charades, use animal words like duck, bird, fish, chicken, cow and pig. For a more difficult animal game, try wild animals, like bat, bald eagle, boa constrictor, armadillo, tree frog and wolverines. Other charade card ideas include emotions like sad, happy, angry, worried, stressed, upset and ecstatic.

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