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Basketball Relay Games

Basketball fans can enjoy relay games such as shooting baskets.
basketball in hoop image by Sandra Henderson from Fotolia.com

One-on-one or team competition remain popular basketball gameplay choices. However, you can find group competition alternatives to traditional basketball. If you want both fun and a variation to regular basketball, various relay games can be fun and help improve your skills on the court.

'Ball and Hula Relay'

For the "Ball and Hula Relay," two teams stack 15 basketballs inside a hula hoop and race to fill a ball bag at the opposite end of the start line. After grabbing a ball, players run to the bag, put the ball inside and race back to the start line to tag the next person, who repeats the action. When one ball remains, the last player runs to the bag, puts the ball in the bag and brings the bag to their start line, putting all the balls back in the hoop. The team that properly stacks all of its basketballs inside the hoop first wins.

'Dizzy Basketball'

Players try keeping their composure when engaging in "Dizzy Basketball." After dividing into two teams, each team places one basketball and one baseball bat next to each other. Players stand the bat up, bend over, put their head on the end bat, and circle it five times. They then pick up the basketball, dribble it down to a hoop and shoot. Once they land a shot, they return the ball to its position and tag the next player in line, who repeats the action. The first team to finish the relay wins.

'Passing Line Relay'

The "Passing Line Relay" lets players practice pivoting as they pass balls. After dividing into two teams, teams line up 5 to 7 feet apart. Using a bounce, chest or two-hand overhead pass, the first player in line turns around and passes the ball to the second player. The second player turns 180 degrees, steps once or more in any direction with the same foot and keeps his other foot in place on the floor. The second player passes the ball to the next player; from here, players pass the ball using proper pivoting technique until reaching the end of the line. Players then work the ball back to the front, with the second player in line alternating her pivot foot. The first team to get the ball back to the first person in line wins.

'Shooting Relay'

For a basketball "Shooting Relay," players divide into two teams and line up in front of two baskets. The first team to have all of its members successfully shoot a basket wins the relay.

'Shuffle/Pass Relay'

While on the move, players practice passing and catching in the "Shuffle/Pass Relay." After each team divides into two lines and face each other, the first pair moves down the court as quickly as possible, throwing bounce or chest passes while not crossing their feet. Both players touch the end line, and shuffle/pass back to the start line, where the next pair repeats the action. The team to finish the relay first wins.

'Toss-Catch Basketball Relay'

In the "Toss-Catch Basketball Relay," two teams line up behind the start line, while one tosser from each team stands behind another line about 20 feet away. Without stepping over the start line, players holding the bucket try to catch the ball. Players catching the ball within three attempts become the next tosser, with the first tosser running to the end of the line. After three unsuccessful attempts, the next two people in line assume catcher and tosser duties. The first team to have all of its members catch and throw wins.

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