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How to Aim in Snooker

Aiming in snooker takes time and practice, but you can build your skills fairly quickly when you master the basics. Aiming with success requires you to visualize your aim line and line up your cue stick and body at just the right angle to hit your target spot. Whether you're a beginning snooker player or an expert, here's how to aim successfully in snooker.

Prepare your cue stick using the chalk or cue sharpener.

Approach the table with the cue tip by your side. The first step in the aiming process is to size up the table and choose exactly the right spot that you want to hit.

Line up your body with your chosen spot. Position your body directly opposite the spot you want the cue ball to reach and prepare to shoot.

Line up the cue stick to align with the line of the shot ahead of you. Make sure the cue stick is moving at the angle and in the direction you want the ball to go.

Keep your eyes fixed on your target aim line. Make sure your eyes stay on your aim line as you check on your shot line a second and third time.

Shoot the ball. Use the cue stick to shoot the ball through your desired aim line.

Things You'll Need:

  • Cue stick
  • Chalk
  • Snooker table set up for play


Always focus on the point of aim, not the point of contact. You will rarely ever aim straight for the ball--the cue should point slightly left or slightly right for the best shot. Keeping the cue stick steady is absolutely essential for a smooth shot. Remember that aiming begins before you even reach the snooker table. Watch snooker games on television to watch the pros aim and shoot the ball successfully. Practice makes perfect! Keep practicing between games to sharpen your skills.

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