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Games That Teach Skiing to Children

Child on the ski slopes
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Games that teach skiing to children are designed to help improve your child's skiing techniques as well as their overall downhill speed. Skiing games for kids range from downhill racing games to sharp turning games. According to Kids N Skis, kids can begin learning how to ski around the age of 3.

Caterpillar Relay

The caterpillar relay game is designed to teach teamwork as well as proper footwork on the slopes. Break up a group of eight kids into two teams of four. With skis on and no ski poles, have each team get in a straight line. Have each skier position his skis directly outside the skis of the racer in front of him. The skier in the front of the line should have his skis together. In addition, have each skier hold onto the waist of the player in front of him. On your mark, have the kids work in unison to ski to the finish line. The first team to the finish line wins the race.

Ankle Pivot Game

The ankle pivot game will teach you how to properly pivot your ankles while on the slopes. Grab a partner and stand a few feet apart from each other at the top of a short slope. Have your coach stand at the bottom of the hill to count the number of ankle pivots you perform before reaching the bottom of the slope. To perform a proper ankle pivot, you must kick your heels from side to side as you descend the mountain. Pretend that your skis are windshield wipers as you descend. The skier with the most successful ankle pivots by the end of the race is the winner.

Stepping Game

The stepping game will help you improve your stamina on the slopes as well as your balance and stance. Start at the base of a slope with only your ski boots and a partner a few feet away. Have your coach run 20 to 30 feet up the mountain and create a finish line for you and your partner. On your coach's mark, walk as quickly as you can to the top of the slope. The first player to the top of the slope is the winner. According to Ski Enthusiast, walking uphill in your boots simulates the pressure you feel when you are in a correct stance. This game will help you recognize when your feet are positioned correctly on the slopes.

Figure Eight Game

The figure eight skiing game is designed to improve your turning ability as well as your ability to ski down a basic slalom run. Start with a partner at the top of a slalom run. On your coach's mark, ski to the left while your partner ski's to the right. After each slalom pole, turn sharply to create a figure eight with your partner. Perform these figure eights continuously until the end of the course. The winner of the game is the team with the most successful figure eights.

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