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Outdoor Games for Sunday School

Playing Outside During Sunday School

When the weather is nice, Sunday School teacher may get a chance to take their students outside for some fun games. These games can be used along with the Bible lesson to give the children a new way to remember Bible facts. Children get a chance to stretch their legs and get out some of their energy, while still learning at the same time.

Volleyball Review

Separate your Sunday School class in to two teams. Head outside and use a piece of rope to define two areas. Place one team on each side of the rope. Now blow up a balloon and explain the rules to the children. Let them know that you are going to ask them questions about their Bible lesson. They must keep the balloon in the air among their team until they answer the question. If the balloon drops to the ground, they lose a point. If they get the question wrong, they lose a point. If, however, they get the question right, they can hit the balloon over the line and it is the other team's turn to get a question. Continue this game until you have gone through all of your questions. The team with the highest number of points wins.

Tower of Babel

Separate the children into groups of two or three. Tell them that they are going to build a tower, just like the tower of Babel in the Bible. Give each group a large stack of newspapers and a roll of masking tape. Instruct them to create a tower using the supplies given. Make sure you inform the students that the group with the highest tower after the designated amount of time is the winner. The tower must not fall over in order to win. You can set the time as 10 minutes or 20 minutes, depending on how long your Sunday School class is. This game is best done outside because a lot of room is needed and the newspapers can get the kids dirty.

Missionary Journey

Talk to the students about Paul's many missionary journeys. Show them a map if you have one available. Now take them outside and make two lines with pieces of rope. The ropes should be about ten feet apart. Have the children line up side by side behind the first rope. Tell them that you are going to ask them a serious of true or false questions. If they get the question right, they get to take one step toward the other rope, which is their destination on this missionary trip. If they get the question wrong, they must stay in the same spot. The first child to cross the rope and complete the trip wins.

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