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Water Balloon Games for Adults

Balloon games are a great way for children to have fun.
party balloons image by Vita Vanaga from Fotolia.com

Adults can have a blast playing water balloon games. Invite a group of your friends together, and inform them that you have a fun afternoon planned if they are willing to get wet. Below are fun water balloon games adults can play.

Water Balloon Catch

Here's a water balloon game with a challenging twist. Each adult selects a partner. Partners stand across from one another approximately 1 foot apart. One partner holds a basket filled water balloons. When you blow a whistle, one partner tosses balloons to his teammate who tries to catch them. After each toss, the teammate catching the balloons takes a step back. The object of the game is for the catcher to hold onto as many balloons as possible. Whoever has the most intact balloons in his arms when the game is over wins.

Basket Balloon

Add a new element to a basketball relay by using water balloons instead of balls. Group adults into two equal teams. One member of each team holds small laundry basket upright on top of his head and stands several yards away from his teammates. The other players form a line. The last person in line is given a water balloon which he passes to the person in front of him. Continue the balloon passing until the person in the front of the line receives the balloon. He then runs, weaving in and out of orange cones until he gets to the last cone in front of the basket holder. He tosses the balloon and tries to land it in the basket on top of his teammate’s head. After tossing the balloon, he runs to the back of his team’s line, picks up a balloon and passes it forward. The team with the most water balloons inside the basket when the balloons run out wins.

Water Wars

Have participants wear white T-shirts and eye goggles for this game. Fill equal amounts of balloons with red- and blue-colored Kool-Aid. Assign participants to either the red or blue team, giving each person an equal amount of balloons. You may want to give team members red or blue bandanas to signify their team. Give everyone an opportunity to disperse and hide, then blow a whistle to let the balloon wars begin. Players search for people on the opposite team and take them out of the game by hitting their shirt with a water balloon. When a player gets hit, he is eliminated. The team with the last man standing wins

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