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Kids Games With Ice

Games involving ice are fun for kids of all ages. They are particularly designed to be played outdoors. Try some of these games at your next family reunion, picnic or birthday party. These inexpensive games can be organized for neighborhood get-togethers or play dates. When the weather turns hot, cool down with some refreshingly, icy games.

Musical Ice Cubes

Have the children sit in a circle. Begin passing the ice cube with the start of the music. When the music stops, the one holding the ice cube is out. Repeat until ice melts or one player is left. This is a good game for younger children, but be sure to explain the rules since they might not have played Musical Chairs. The object of the game is to not be the one holding the ice cube when the music stops.

Lick It

Freeze ice cubes with a lollipop or Popsicle stick extending from each cube. Race to see who can melt their ice pop first by licking the cube.

Frozen Treasure

Freeze foil-covered chocolate coins or plastic pirate coins in small paper or plastic cups. Have the children race to see who can free the treasure first. Don't allow breaking the ice, let them devise ways to make it melt.

Cold Shirt

Divide into teams and give one frozen tee shirt to each team. The team who thaws the shirt and gets it on a team member first, wins.

Preparation: Fold a large tee shirt for each team. Place the shirt inside a gallon food-storage bag. Add 2 cups of water to each bag. Then place in the freezer overnight. You can lay the shirts flat or crumple them up. Be sure each shirt is frozen in the same general shape. This game is for middle-school age and up.

Ice-Cube Rub

Divide into teams and have each team line up. Give each team leader an ice cube. Team members take turns rubbing the ice cube to melt it. Players can keep rubbing until their hands get too cold, then pass it to the next person in line. First team to melt it wins. This game is designed for elementary age and up.

Pool Ice-Cube Pass

Divide the kids into pairs. One teammate is outside the pool, the other teammate is in the water. Place several trays of ice cubes in the pool. The player in the pool tries to collect ice cubes with his feet only and pass them to his teammate, who places them in a cup. You can add food coloring to the water as you make the ice cubes so they will be easier to spot in the pool.

Pool Ice-Cube-Spitting Contest

This is a variation of spitting watermelon seeds. Have contestants line up along the edge of the pool. Have a judge on the opposite side. One at a time, have the kids spit an ice cube as far as they can. The judge can announce the winner.

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