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Music Games for Teenagers

Try these music games at your next teenage party.
party image by Svetlin Rusev from Fotolia.com

In order to have successful teenage party, the host should be prepared with a few activities to lighten the mood and break the ice for the teenage guests. Games that incorporate and are centered around music are a nice way to get everyone involved to the spirit of the party. These music games can be played as a warm-up as people are just arriving, or late into the night after the food has been served.

Name That Tune

Name that tune consists of splitting into two equal teams with one host. The host will play 5 seconds of a song for one of the teams. They must guess the song and artist to receive three points. If they do not, then the host can play 5 more seconds for two points and finally 5 more seconds for one point. If the first team does not correctly guess the song title and artist, the other team can steal it for three points. The trick is to use current pop radio so that the teenagers know the songs. Play until one team has reached 30 points and then switch up the tunes. You can easily set this game up by placing the songs in a list on an mp3 player.

Pop Song Charades

Split the group into two teams. Have everyone write down three different pop songs on three different pieces of paper then place into two different bowls (one for each team). The teams trade bowls so that no one can choose the pop song they wrote. One by one, each team member selects a song from the bowl and has to act out the song. Provide a giant pad so that as the team guesses correct words, the player can write the word down on the pad to aid the process. Every team has one minute to guess the song. Whoever guesses the most songs wins.

Musical Pass the Egg

This game can be a lot of fun and a little messy. Have the group of teenagers stand in a circle. Give one person an egg. Have him place it in the crux of his neck so that he is holding it between the bottom of his chin and the top of his chest. Play pop music as each player passes the egg around the circle, neck to neck. When the host stops the music, the player holding the egg is out. The game continues until there is one player left. The host should also face away from the circle while playing the music so she cannot see who is holding the egg until after the music has stopped. For a less messy version of this game, you can hard boil the egg. Also, if you prefer, the teenagers can toss the egg around the circle instead of passing it in the manner described.

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