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Funny Ice Breaker Games

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Get your party or social gathering off to a good start with funny ice breaker games. Ice breaker games give everyone a chance to get to know one another and possibly make some new friends. Encourage everyone to laugh, have a great time and play along by awarding small prizes to all game winners. Adjust each game to make it suitable for children or adults.

Name Game

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Have everyone stand in a circle and select one player to go first. The first player must say his full name (first and last). The second player must say the first player’s name and add his own name, while looking directly in the eyes of the player next to him (the player who will go next). Each player must say the names of the players in front of him and add his own name. If a player messes up or laughs, he is out of the game. To add to the fun, players can try to make funny faces to get the player talking to laugh. The last player standing wins the game. For children, play this game using only first names.

Broom Dance

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Play a game of broom dance with an odd number of players, a broom and a player to control the music. Give the broom to one player and have all other players select a partner. All partners must dance together and the player with the broom must dance with the broom while the music plays. All players that have a partner must introduce themselves to one another and share an interesting fact about themselves. Be sure the music is not too loud, so guests can hear one another. For added laughs, have the player with the broom introduce himself to the broom. When the music stops, everyone must switch partners. The player with the broom must drop it and try to find a partner. The odd player out must dance with the broom until the music stops again. Each time everyone switches partners they must introduce themselves and share an interesting fact about themselves.

Screaming Neighbors

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

All players must stand in a circle and look down at the ground. The host must count to three and on three everyone must look up at someone in the circle. If two people are looking at one another, they must scream, do a funny dance together in the middle of the circle and go out of the game. Each eliminated pair must introduce themselves and mingle, while the game continues. The object of the game is to be looking at someone who is not looking at you when you look up. The last player remaining wins the game. After the game, have everyone sit in a circle and share their names.

Line Up

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Tell everyone you are going to shout a category and all players must talk amongst themselves and get together in order from right to left, according to the category you yell out. Some example categories include shoe size, hair length, alphabetical by last name and date of birth. If you say, “Shoe size,” the players must line up from right to left according to their shoe sizes. If you have a large group, split the players into teams and see which team can get in order the fastest.

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