How to Play the Drinking Game Thunder

Play the Drinking Game Thunder

The drinking game Thunder is a great game to play amongst friends. With just some friends, a song, and some drinks you can get a great game going. This is the perfect game for people who love to drink and listen to music. With this simple game, you'll get a great buzz going on in no time.

Turn on the song Thunderstruck by the band AC/DC.

Make sure everyone has a fresh alcoholic drink in front of them.

Play the song,every time you hear the word "Thunder" sung, everyone drinks.

Continue a conversation or play another card game, while playing the game Thunder. This way, it makes it harder to concentrate and catch the words.

Continue listening to the song Thunderstruck; when someone misses the word and fails to drink, they are out of the game Thunder. Last one to say Thunder wins!


Do not do shots. The word "thunde" is repeated way too often! Always drink responsibly.