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How to Play the Drinking Game Thunder

Play the Drinking Game Thunder

The drinking game Thunder is a great game to play amongst friends. With just some friends, a song, and some drinks you can get a great game going. This is the perfect game for people who love to drink and listen to music. With this simple game, you'll get a great buzz going on in no time.

Turn on the song Thunderstruck by the band AC/DC.

Make sure everyone has a fresh alcoholic drink in front of them.

Play the song,every time you hear the word "Thunder" sung, everyone drinks.

Continue a conversation or play another card game, while playing the game Thunder. This way, it makes it harder to concentrate and catch the words.

Continue listening to the song Thunderstruck; when someone misses the word and fails to drink, they are out of the game Thunder. Last one to say Thunder wins!

Things You'll Need:

  • CD or Tape Player
  • AC/DC's song Thunderstruck
  • Group of Friends
  • Alcohol


  • Do not do shots. The word "thunde" is repeated way too often! Always drink responsibly.
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