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18-Year-Old Games

Older teens love games with plenty of action and challenge.
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Eighteen-year-olds can be finicky about the kinds of games they’ll play. They’re old enough that “kid” games like Truth or Dare no longer seem appealing but “adult” games like Charades aren’t any fun, either. They want games that are difficult and stimulating, but still active and fun. Fortunately, plenty of teen or adult games can be modified to fit this age group and get the party started.

Guess Who

This variation on a dinner party game gives 18-year-olds the chance to test their acting skills. As each teen arrives, give him a card with an identity on it. The identities may be famous people (living or dead), plants or animals. The guests must act like the identity on their cards when talking to other guests. Guests may not use “giveaway” clues. For instance, “Neil Armstrong” may answer questions about walking on the moon and may say he’s an astronaut, but he may not talk outright about being the first to walk on the moon. The best actor, or the first person to have another guest guess who he is, wins the game. You can also keep playing for other prizes.

Shoot Out the Flame

Many teens have seen Westerns in which the hero shoots the flame from a candle. You can set up a similar situation with candles and water pistols. Choose a large outdoor area for this game and split everyone up into pairs. Each pair must have a duel to see who can shoot out three candle flames with a water pistol the fastest. The winners of each round duel against each other until you get a final winner. This game works well for summer events. You can also play it in a large gymnasium with linoleum floors.

Hand Off

Teens often enjoy passing games, but 18-year-olds can enjoy a twist on this classic. Fill a bunch of water balloons and split the guests into two lines. The guests must use their elbows to pass as many water balloons as they can from one end of the line to the other without popping one. Each team gets two points for each balloon that passes down the line intact. If a balloon pops, subtract one point. This game also works well for summer or spring activities.

Balloon Wars

Older teens can be trusted to compete against each other without causing extreme injuries. They’re also very competitive. For this game, blow up several dozen balloons in two different colors. Add colorful treasure to some of the balloons. For instance, if your colors are blue and red, add blue candies to the blue balloons and red candies to the red ones. Split the 18- year-olds into two different teams. The object of the game is to pop and capture all of your enemy’s balloons while protecting your own. Add a blitz round in the end with black balloons filled with chocolate coins or another coveted treat. The team with the most prizes wins.

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