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Black Light Substitutes

There are safer alternatives to black lights for parties.
lightning comet image by dana nicolescu from Fotolia.com

Everyone loves how they look in a room with black lighting. This lighting can make your teeth and your clothing glow. People use black lighting for raves, Halloween parties and sleepovers. Sometimes this type of lighting can be unsafe to use. Accidents can happen in the dark, and people might try to harm or play pranks on someone in the dark. If these are your concerns, here are some other alternatives you can try.

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are fast flashing lights. People use them to create the “freezing” effects on moving objects and people. This can be extremely fun at parties where teenagers are involved. They can dance to the music and the strobe lighting. You can use a string of strobe lights or a strobe lamp, which you put on a table or on the ground. Strobe lights are either clear or multi-colored. Be aware that strobe lights can cause disorientation, epilepsy or nausea.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are transparent tubes containing a liquid substance that will glow in the dark. Adults and teenagers use them to dance with at parties and raves. Glow sticks will create a slow moving effect when dancers twirl them around in the air. They are safe to use since they can’t spark or light up on fire. They’re waterproof, inexpensive, don’t generate heat and do not require batteries. Everyone can leave the party with a glow stick in hand. They glow is strong enough so people can see each other’s faces. Glow sticks are also safe enough to sleep with as a “night light.”

LED Lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs have many advantages over incandescent light bulbs. They have a longer life span; they use less power, and they have a brighter shine. LEDs also don’t give off any heat. They’re especially safe for children. LEDs come in a variety of forms and styles including string lights, lamps, and costume jewelry. Kids can wear LED rings and necklaces. They’ll be able to dance and play safely in the dark since they can see each other.

Rainbow Light Bulbs

These incandescent light bulbs give off beautiful rays of color. People use them for outdoor porch parties, Halloween parties or creating special effects. The light bulb sprinkles red, blue, yellow, green and orange light around the room. Everything and everyone in the room glows along with the light bulb. Use rainbow light bulbs on any kind of lamp or lighting fixture. They’re easy to install and inexpensive.

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