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Caribbean Party Game Ideas

A place to party.
sunset with palm trees image by Daniel Wiedemann from Fotolia.com

Who doesn't want a Caribbean vacation replete with bright sunshine, fruity drinks and sparkling beaches? Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to the Caribbean. Don't despair though, even if you can't get to the Caribbean, you can bring the Caribbean to you. With a few select decorations, some sun, water and a few party games, you'll be on your way to your own little piece of paradise.

Panty Hose Knock Over

For each participant, you will need one pair of nylons, one orange and one pineapple. First, tie one leg of the panty hose around each person's waist making sure the other leg hangs down the front. Slip an orange into the untied leg of the hose, making sure it swings freely between the legs. Tell the participants to put a pineapple on the ground in front of them so their feet and the pineapples form a triangle. Instruct the players to, without using their hands, swing the orange as they try to knock over the pineapple. The first person to knock over a pineapple wins.

The Fruit Race

Materials for this game include toothpicks, hollowed out pineapples, plates, cut up fruit such as pineapple chunks, mango pieces, banana slices, strawberries, orange pieces or any type of tropical fruit. The goal is to get more fruit from a plate and into a hollowed out pineapple than the other participants in an allotted amount of time.

Line up individual plates on the floor at one end of a room or patio. Ask each participant to stand by a plate. Place pieces of fruit on the plate. Put hollowed out pineapples on the floor across the room directly in front of each fruit plate. Tell the participants that they are to use a toothpick placed in their mouths to pick up a piece of fruit from a plate, carry it to their pineapple and drop it in--all with no hands. Repeat this process until time is up. The winner is the person who gets the most fruit into the pineapple.

This game can be modified for people with reduced mobility by putting the fruit and the pineapples on long tables rather than the floor.

Time to Get Wet?

Most people have seen the game where two lines of people pass an egg or a round piece of fruit from chin to chin down the line. This is a modification of this game and all you need is two water balloons. Fill each water balloon with the same amount of water. Line up each group and have the groups stand parallel to each other. The first person in each line places a filled balloon under his or her chin and, on the “go,” passes the balloon to the next person in line without using hands. The first group to get the balloon to the end of the line without it breaking wins.

You could modify this game by allowing groups whose balloon breaks to start over from the beginning with a new balloon. To spice things up, participants could also pass the balloons from between their knees.

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