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Water Bottle Games

Water bottles may seem like just an ordinary food container, but they can be quite useful for crafts and even games. Turn old water bottles into hours of amusement for children and teens. There are several games kids will love playing that are safe and cost virtually nothing.

Water Bottle Bowling

Fill 10 water bottles halfway with sand or rocks. Set them up in a triangle formation like bowling pins. Use a watermelon (for pure amusement and fun) or a lightweight ball to "bowl" and see how many bottles you can knock down. Play like you would traditional bowling.

Bottle Collection

Scatter a bunch of empty bottles out in an open area. Have all the participants grab as many bottles as they can and bring them back to a large tub or box. The catch: You can't use your hands. The person (or team) with the most bottles wins. This can be determined after all the bottles have been picked up or at the end of a set time, such as at the end of 90 seconds.

Bottle Refill

See who can refill a water bottle the fastest using only his mouth. Give each person an empty water bottle and a couple full bottles. Have everyone try to fill their empty bottle as fast as possible by drinking the water from one bottle and spitting it into the empty bottle.

Spin the Bottle

The actual rules of what is being spun for (kisses, hugs, dancing) can be decided on depending on the age and comfort level of those playing. If this is played during a party, decorate the empty bottle to make it coordinate with the theme or color scheme.

Water Bottle Balloon Relay

Break up into teams and have each form a straight line. The person at the front of the line passes a water balloon back to the next person, who passes it back, and so on. The last person in line who receives the water balloon must pop it and try to get as much of the water as possible into a water bottle. Once the balloon has been popped, the first person in line can start with another water balloon. Play continues until the water bottle is filled.

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