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Carnival Games for Teenagers

A variety of prizes await game players at carnivals.
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Carnival games for teenagers present a variety of challenges. Some games can be played for bragging rights. Others can be played to win prizes for yourself, or your date. Carnival games allow teenagers to display their physical and mental prowess at the same time as they attempt to "beat the game".

Dunk Tanks

Dunk tanks offer the opportunity for teens to show off their accuracy in hitting a target. Not only does a dunk tank provide entertainment for the thrower, but also for the spectators. The person sitting in the dunk tank can sit on the seat and heckle the throwers: making fun of them in order to distract them. The heckler can make fun on their throws, appearance, or make other comical statements to entertain the audience. In the end though, the thrower and the audience gets the last laugh as the heckler takes a dip in the water when the target is hit.

Speed Pitch Game

Players can compete with each other for bragging rights to see who can throw the fastest baseball. Many carnivals use a radar gun to reveal the speed of each throw. Onlookers or the game's operator can make an additional challenge by asking the thrower to guess the speed of his third throw after throwing two pitches previously.

Ladder-Climbing Games

Ladder games challenge teenagers to maintain their balance when crawling on a rope ladder attached at two ends to a wall, but with no other supports. The length ranges from 10 to 15 feet, tilted at about a 33 degree angle. The teen must traverse it without falling off the ladder; unless he maintains perfect balance, he will slip upside down or fall off of the ladder.


Skeeball is not just for young children; teens can compete to display their accuracy in rolling a ball. Several targets appear inside of each other in concentric circles. The goal is to get the ball into the smallest circle which is worth the most number of points. If a teen places enough balls in a enough targets, she can win prizes such as stuffed animals and electronics.

Throwing Accuracy Games

There are a variety of different games that can test a teenager's accuracy when throwing an object. Sports fans can throw footballs through tires or toss baseballs to break plates or buckets. A teenager's ability to hit a target can be challenged by tossing rings onto pegs or landing ping pong balls in fishbowls. Another game that can challenge a teenager's accuracy entails tossing coins onto plates, trying to land them without the coins bouncing off.

Head-to-Head Competition

Many games at the carnival inspire competition for teenagers, but games such as water gun races allow them to compete at the same time. Teens compete to hit a target with a water gun and be the first to pop a balloon or win a race by firing a stream of water at a target which advances it to the end of the track. The first target to reach the end wins.

Test Your Strength

Strength testing games give teens a chance to show off their physical prowess. It involves hitting a target with a mallet and raising a metal ball to ring a bell. It can be done for bragging rights between a group of teen males, or by a teenager trying to impress his date with his strength.

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