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List of Motivational Games for Kids

Children of all ages can benefit from motivational games.
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Children can play several different kinds of motivational games. There are two kinds of motivational games. The first kind motivates children for life such as with the Paper Planes game. The other kind of motivational game encourages children to motivate one another as they work together to complete a fun task. These motivational games will help children learn life skills that they can use for years to come.

Bin Toss

This game helps motivate kids by helping them learn how to properly motivate teammates in a stressful environment. Have the children sit at tables on opposite sides of a room. Set a large wastepaper basket between the tables. Give each team a separate color of paper so that their scores can be easily calculated. Have the teams make balls of paper and try to see how many they can get inside the basket within a time limit. They can use different strategies to get the paper into the basket. Several sheets can be crunched together to make heavier balls. Smaller balls can be made from one sheet of paper to add in precision throwing. Encourage the players to cheer each other on as the game progresses.

Paper Planes

This game is motivational because it allows children to think about achievable goals and how they can be reached. Give each child a piece of paper and instruct her to make a paper air plane from it. On the inside of the plane have each child write a goal she has that she hopes to achieve by the end of the year. These goals could include better grades, being nicer to friends, a special toy or anything else the children can think of. Have teachers or leaders write encouraging messages on the outside of the planes. Allow the children to fly the planes, and discuss with the children how they should allow their goals to soar.

Candy Hunt

This game is best played in a setting where children are unfamiliar with each other. This game motivates children to become friends and work together on projects. Hide packages of candy around a large room. Write down a list of animals equaling the number of children at the event. Divide the children into teams of five to seven members. Assign a leader for each team who is then blindfolded. Each child receives the name of an animal and must make that sound throughout the duration of the game. The goal of the game is for team members to find the candy hidden in the room and then direct their leaders to the location of the candy using only animal sounds. The team leader has to remember which animals are in his group and follow their signals to the candy. This is a great motivational game because the team members must motivate their blindfolded leader towards the correct placement of the candy.

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