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How Do I Connect Straws?

Some crafts and science projects require connecting straws.
straws image by cherie from Fotolia.com

Creative parents and science teachers may make assignments or activities using connected straws. With creativity and determination, it is possible to construct a variety of geometric shapes and interesting structures with straws.


One effective method uses flexible straws -- straws with a bend in them that allow for angles in the straw. These straws can be pinched together on one end. Slide the pinched end into the open end of another straw, then release. This method is effective and allows a variety of geometric shapes.

Paper Clips

Another method of connecting straws uses paper clips. Arrange the straws into the desired shape. Take a paper clip and open it up, keeping loops intact. Insert one loop into one straw and the other end into another straw. Adjust the angle by bending the paper clip. Repeat for each connection.


To connect straws for length or to provide tension on a long string of straws, it is possible to thread string or twine through the straw segments. This method allows a great deal of movement and flexibility, but is not useful for building strong towers.

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