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Games to Play With 12 People

Many different types of games can be played with youth groups.
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Group games give people opportunities to socialize and to have fun. Sometimes it can be difficult to accommodate large groups of people into typical group games because of space limitations and other logistics. With proper planning and a little ingenuity, you can host an event for 12 people that can be fun and allow everyone to participate together.

Group Games

Many commercially available party games are easily adaptable for many players. Divide the 12 players into two groups of six players. Arrange players in a circle, with alternating team members, and play a game of Catch Phrase or Taboo. Each of those games is ideal for large groups because everyone can play at the same time.

Consider playing a rousing game of Pictionary or Win, Lose or Draw. Divide the group into two to three teams. Assign each team a large pad of paper and different colored pencils, and put your artistic skills to the test. Before beginning, have each player write down three or four items that can be sketched on separate pieces of paper. The designated artist on each team randomly chooses an item to draw and spends 30 to 60 seconds drawing while the other team members frantically guesses. Each successful team scores a point. The winning team is the team with the most points after the final round.

Divide and Conquer

If you want to allow players time to converse and get to know each other better, think about having three small games going on instead of one large group game. Divide the group of 12 into three groups of four and have each smaller group play a different game. After 15 minutes, have the groups rotate. Two members of each group should rotate clockwise to a new game. This way, everyone will have a chance to play different games, as well as spend time with different individuals. Games that are appropriate for this activity could be Sorry, Trouble, Yahtzee and Parcheesi.

Outdoor Games

When the weather is nice, sometimes there is nothing better than playing outside. Take the group outside in the fresh air and enjoy a nice activity together. Capture the Flag is a perennial favorite. Divide players into two groups on opposite sides of the property. Each team hides a flag on its half of the playing area. Each team tries to find the opposing team’s flag without being tagged on the enemy side. This is great for younger groups and athletic participants because you’ll do a lot of running.

Set up a simple volleyball or badminton net and play water balloon volleyball. Have each of your 12 guests pair up with someone, and give each pair a towel. Place three teams of two people each on opposite sides of the net. Using only the towel held between teammates, launch the water balloon over the net to an opposing group. Try not to get wet when the balloon breaks.

Consider other outdoor games such as volleyball or Ultimate Frisbee. Twelve people is ideal for each of these games.

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