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How to Make a Juliet Costume

Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona, Italy.
verona italy image by jedphoto from Fotolia.com

Romeo and Juliet is a story of two young lovers, who fight for their love even though their families are rivals. The story Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona, Italy during medieval times so the outfit has to be appropriate for the period. In order to simplify the construction of the costume, the pieces will not be made from scratch. The main piece to a Juliet costume is the dress; the result of the outfit adds a little more authenticity to the look.

Romeo and Juliet takes place in Verona, Italy.
verona italy image by jedphoto from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Large Crucifix Beaded Choker
  • Embellished Flats
  • Long Sleeve Floor Length Empire Waist Dress
  • Hair Straightener
  • Long Hair Wig (Optional)
  • Nude Lipstick
  • Gold Headband
  • Pink And Peach Eye Shadow Palette
  • Peach Blush

Shop around for a floor length empire waist dress. The dress must have long sleeves. The sleeves can be sheer loose sleeves or opaque tight to the wrist. The dress should be a bright color, but that can be left to your color of preference. Find this style of dress online or at many popular department stores in the formal wear section.

Buy embellished flats to add extra flare to the costume. Juliet was a teenager, which is why flats are the most appropriate footwear for the costume. Flats are sold at all major department stores or shoe boutiques so it will be simple to find some in any budget.

Brush your hair and straighten it with the hair straightener. Young women in medieval times had long hair usually up to the waist. If you do not have long hair, you will need to purchase a wig.

Applying make-up appropriate for the Juliet costume is simple. Keep to neutral colors. Apply foundation to give your face an even skin tone. Brush on the peach blush lightly. Apply the nude lipstick and the neutral toned eye shadow.

Accessorizing your costume is also simple. Juliet is seen wearing a beaded choker with a crucifix medallion. This neck accessory can be found in many accessory stores. For the hair, add a golden headband, which can also be found in several accessory stores. Part the hair in half and place the headband behind the bangs so it lays halfway on the top of the head, allowing a two-inch strand of hair on both sides to fall without being held by the headband to the front of the face.

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