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How to Sell Flambro Emmett Kelly Jr. Collectibles

Clowns may be circus clowns or rodeo clowns.
circus background image by Peter Baxter from Fotolia.com

Flambro Imports brought Emmett Kelly Jr. porcelain clown figurines to life about 1980. The company imported miniature clowns and full-size clowns, plates and ornaments, and these have become collectible in the years since. A Flambro porcelain figurine has been included in the University of Florida Liversidge Collection of artifacts from music, theater, television and celebrities. There is also an Emmett Kelly Museum in Sedan, Kansas, a tribute to the original Weary Willie clown, a native son who died in 1979.

Emmett Kelly Jr. was a goodwill ambassador for the United States after the 1964 World's Fair and there is some historic interest in the person as well as the Weary Willie clown character both father and son portrayed. Sell Emmett Kelly Jr. figurines by Flambro through online and local outlets.

Sell Emmett Kelly Jr. clown figurines online at auction sites like eBay, uBid and Liveauctioneers. Measure the figurine and check for damage. Take photographs of all sides and the bottom to show the marks, and write an accurate description of the piece including whether it is new from the “Nostalgia Collection” or one of the original figurines from the 1980 to 1990 era. Use keywords in the title that will be searchable in the search engines and include the name of the figurine. Be sure to detail if the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is included, as well as the original box. Collectors want to know the condition of the box as well as the figurine, and many want to know if the item smells of smoke. Be honest. List the item or have it listed for you by someone familiar with the website you choose, and be prepared to ship the item in an outer box with padding if it sells.

Sell Flambro Emmett Kelly Jr. figurines locally. Contact an antiques and collectibles mall to rent space or to consign porcelain collectibles. Some shops rent a shelf for a monthly fee and others take small items on consignment for a month or two. Call a local auction company that does consignment auctions or estates. Sometimes it will add items and identify them as not a part of the estate. You get the benefit of the attendance at the estate auction by likely collectors. One of the largest clown auctions ever held was in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2006, when Jack Klein sold Clown Rushmore, a collection of 30,000 clowns.

Advertise porcelain figurines like Flambro clowns in classified advertising, including the local newspaper and specialty magazines. Check for club newsletters and magazines that accept classified ads, and branch out to general collectibles magazines. Sell one or many--collectors are always eager to complete a collection or find Emmett Kelly Jr. figurines they do not have.

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