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Prisoner Costume Ideas

Striped prisoner costume
the prisoner image by Hunta from Fotolia.com

Prisoner costumes and the scary criminal types that wear them can be pretty frightening. They can also be a little funny, with vertical stripes and a ball and chain. Since a prisoner’s clothes are suppose to look bad they can also be pretty easy to make. All you need is a little paint, a little tape and a trip to the thrift store.

Striped Costume

Get a pair of off-white pajamas and make the vertical stripe with duct tape or fabric paint. Put the prison number on a piece of duct tape and tape to front of shirt. Remove the brim from an off white boonie hat and paint stripes on it. You can get chains, hand cuffs and ball and chain combos at a costume shop. You can also carry a sledge hammer for breaking rocks.

Modern Prisoner

Wear a denim shirt and jeans with no belt. Tape a piece of tape with a number on the front of shirt. Wear heavy lace up boots. Or dye an old pair of coveralls orange and cut off the sleeves. Add leg irons or hand cuffs.

Prisoner Of Love

Make a striped costume in pink and red and chain yourself to a big red plush heart your beloved's name on it.

Dungeon Prisoner

For a prisoner who has been in the dungeons of old Europe for decades, get an old pair of pants and an old button down shirt. Dirty them up by dipping them in brown dye or tea. Shred the shirt tail, cuffs and pants legs. Go barefoot or wrap your feet in dirty rags. Get a long wig and beard from a costume shop and wear a ball and chain.

Scary Prisoner

Any of the costumes can be turned scarier by giving your prisoner a weapon and splashing a little blood on the costume. Carry a knife or ax or something that looks like he made it in prison. Plastic weapons of all kind and fake blood can be found at any costume shop or novelty store. You can also wear a white straight jacket and the bottom part of a hockey mask and go as the scariest prisoner of all; Hannibal Lecter.

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