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Paso Doble Costume Ideas

The Paso Doble emulates the Spanish bull fight.
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The Paso Doble, also known as the Spanish double step, is directly connected to Spanish bull fighting. The Paso Doble is the type of music played during bull fights and the costume worn during the Paso Doble dance should reflect the fierce emotion of the fight. The Paso Doble features the leader, typically the male, as the matador, while the partner plays the part of the cape, the bull or even the matador's shadow.


The traditional Paso Doble costume features the male dancer in a matador's costume. A matador outfit usually consists of pants and matching bolero jacket, white shirt and tie. A traditional woman's Paso Doble costume should include a full skirt, often red, that represents the matador's cape. The male and female costumes should match or complement each other in color and style. Consider buying a plain bolero jacket and embellishing it with rhinestones and decorative trim. Add rhinestones and matching trim or lace to the female costume.


Though the Paso Doble is a traditional Spanish dance, a dance couple can break from traditional costumes and wear outfits that are better suited to the theme of the routine and the music. If dancers chooses a modern song with a techno beat, the costumes should reflect that theme. For instance, the male dancer can wear a black vinyl suit with chrome appointments while the female can wear a black vinyl dress with a full skirt. It's entirely appropriate for a Paso Doble costume to have a Spanish influence, but it's also acceptable to break from the Spanish style to match the theme of the routine.

Shoes and Accessories

A female dancer performing the Paso Doble can wear a high heeled shoe with a strap around the ankle to prevent the shoe from slipping off. She may also choose to wear a high heeled boot. Male dancers can wear a black dance shoe or boot. Black lace can be incorporated into a Paso Doble costume, since black lace is often associated with traditional Spanish fashion. Wear a black lace shawl or gloves with a Paso Doble costume. Other accessories include a black fan, often seen in traditional female Spanish costumes. Male dancers can wear a matador's hat, cummerbund or even a mask with his costume.

Other Ideas

Male dancers can wear a ruffled white shirt with no tie or may opt to go without a shirt at all. Instead of wearing a bolero jacket, male dancers can wear a vest that is embellished with rhinestones or decorative rope. Choose a movie or book theme for the Paso Doble dance and incorporate the theme into the costume. For instance, if the dancers choose to dance to a "Little Red Riding Hood" theme, the costumes could include a red hooded cape for the female and wolf costume for the man.

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