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How to Make a Throw from a Fur

Repurpose an old fur by making a fur throw.
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Some cultures, like the Inuits of the Arctic tundra, must wear fur to protect themselves from extreme cold weather. Very little vegetation is found in this region, and traditional Inuit homes or igloos were made from round blocks of ice. The Inuits still travel on sleds with sled dogs, and their traditional diets consisted of mostly meat from whales, seals, and fish. Before trade with the Europeans, Inuit clothing was constructed from fur and animal skin, including a parka with furry hood and watertight animal skin boots. Today we have many options with winter clothing, and we can repurpose an old fur into a decorative and warm throw.

Things You'll Need:

  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Old Fur

Open up your old fur to assess its possibilities. A large fur coat is ideal for repurposing into a fur throw, while a smaller jacket can become a pillow.

Cut off any buttons, zippers, or embellishments with scissors or a seam ripper. Pockets can be left alone. They can later hold TV remotes or paperbacks. Sew any rips or tears from your cuttings.

Cut off any long sleeves and sew up armholes so that the fur is all one piece. If there is a long collar, take it off and hem the edge. The long sleeves and collar can be repurposed into pillows or hair accessories.

Repair any tears or rips in the lining if needed. Check the fur for any other holes or edges that need to be hemmed.

Throw your new fur onto your bed or sofa for a luxurious look.


Use buttons and sleeves from your old fur to make something new. You can make a new clothing item or accessories such as a purse.


  • Use caution when working with sharp scissors, and always plan your cuts before you use your scissors. It is always easier to go slowly and take your time cutting, rather than having to sew bits back together.
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