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Crafts With Plastic 6-Pack Rings

Six-pack rings make a great base for fun and easy crafting, reusing the excess packaging to create something beautiful. With adult supervision, these fun beautiful craft projects can make great homemade gifts from your child to someone special.

Daisies with Transparent Petals

To create a daisy, gather a six-pack holder, cork, tissue paper, glue, yellow paint and a thin stick for the stem. Cut the holder into individual rings. To create the petals, cut the tissue paper to fit over the round opening and the plastic of the ring and glue it on. Trim to the edges of the ring. You can use the same color for each or choose a rainbow of colors for the petals on your daisy. Glue the edge of the rings to the cork, creating a fan. After the glue dries, paint the center of the daisy (the cork) yellow. Affix to the stick using glue and lay flat to dry.


You need 12 six-pack rings, clear tape, clear fishing line, spray-on adhesive and glitter to create a sparkling masterpiece. Fold each six-pack holder lengthwise and tape its edges together in the center ring. Repeat for each set of rings. Run the fishing line through the bottom rings of all 12 and knot them together. Fan the 12 rows of rings out in a circle and use the clear tape to create an outer edge as you join them together. Spray on glue and add glitter.


Six-pack rings are the perfect size for small wrists. All you need are the rings, glue or a spray-on adhesive and rhinestones, flat beads or the small decoration of your choice to make bracelets. Using the glue or adhesive, fasten the rhinestones beads to the ring. To make the process easier, lay the design out on a table before beginning. This is a great activity for a princess-themed party.

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