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How to Make Viking Jewelry

Things You'll Need:

  • Wire
  • Metal plate
  • Cutting tool
  • Runes
  • Beads

How to Make Viking Jewelry. If you like replicas of jewelry from Viking days, you might like making your own. You can create chains, pendants and brooches that resemble what Vikings wore using wire and common metals.

Make metal brooches like Vikings wore on their clothing. Use oval or round pieces of metal to create brooches or use metal cutting scissors to cut animal shapes from metal plate.

String glass beads on a rope, twine or string to create strings that join brooches together. Pin your brooches onto your clothing but attach them together with the strung beads.

Use rune stones for pendants and rings. You can buy runes with symbols on them or use flat stones and paint your own rune symbols. Drive a hole through the rune to make a pendant or glue the stones on a ring.

Find gemstones like amber, amethyst or garnet to make pendants, brooches or rings. You can glue the gems onto metal to make a variety of fancy jewelry like finger rings, arm bands or bracelets.

Create pendants shaped like spears or swords to resemble male Viking jewelry. You can cut your own from thin metal plate.

Make replicas of hammers, chariots, lightening and boomerangs by cutting the shapes out of metal plate. Use the cut out symbols as pendants or attach them to a belt.

Wear jewelry like a warrior. Create a Thor's hammer which is a silver pendant on a chain. Use silver, gold or bronze or mix the three kinds of metal-one for the chain, one for the hammer head and one for the handle.

Change the shape slightly for a variation of the hammer. Combine the cross shape with a hammer shape to make different Viking hammer pendants. Use chainmail as the chain part of the necklace.

Use clay to form a clay Thor's hammer. Shape it in the form of a hammer and poke a hole in the top before it dries. String a cord through the hole to tie the necklace pendant. Add colored beads to the cord for colorful jewelry.

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