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How to Make Bead Insects

Bead insects are the type of bug you might actually like to see. Insect crafts are popular, especially with kids, and can be done with plain satin cord and beads; or for a more elegant creation, jewelry wire can be used. You can make almost any insect with a basic technique of shaping wire and adding beads.

Things You'll Need:

  • Beading Wire
  • Crystal Beads
  • Pony Beads
  • Satin Cord

Cut a piece of beading wire or satin cord for the frame of the insect. Fold the cord or wire in half loosely, making an open loop.

String six to eight beads on the wire or cord in one solid color or alternating colors. For a dragonfly or butterlfly, string one bead on the wire and slide it to the end of the loop; then string the remaining beads over both wires so a single row makes up the body. For a bumble bee, string alternating black and yellow beads on each side of the loop.

Twist the wire together at the top of the loop, or tie a knot if using cord. String beads for wings on each of the ends of the string or wire. For a dragonfly, use four beads, laying end to end. For a butterfly or dragonfly, stack three beads for a fatter shape. Bring the cord or wire back to the center and twist off to secure it.

Add two beads at the top for a head. Tie or twist off the wire or cord.

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