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How to Make Paracord Hatband

Things You'll Need:

  • Paracord
  • Nylon thread
  • Pony clamp
  • Wooden bead (optional)

Paracord, otherwise known as 550 cord or parachute cord, is used for a variety of applications typically by military personnel and outdoorsmen. The cord has a strength capacity up to 550 pounds without breaking. Among its many uses, paracord can be implemented to secure gear, lash together structures or make traps. Paracord can also be used to make simple craft projects such as bracelets, lanyards, necklaces or a hatband. Making a custom hatband out of paracord can be accomplished with little difficulty.

Measure the diameter of your hat where you want to place the hatband. Cut one piece of paracord to a length twice of your measurements plus 2 inches. For example: If you need a hat band to fit a 12-inch diameter, you want to cut the cord to a 26 inch length.

Cut another length of paracord twice as long as your first piece plus 2 inches. Fold the longer piece in half to give equal length on both sides. One end will form a loop. Fit your shorter piece in between the looped end. Clamp the cords together with the pony clamp.

Braid the three hanging pieces together until you reach 2 inches from the end. Lash the end of the braided cords together, using nylon thread, and tie it off securely.

Wrap the top looped portion of the braided cord with nylon thread. Start about 2 inches below the loophole, and wrap toward the loop until you've created 2 inches of wrap. Tie off the thread securely.

Slide a wooden bead or other large bead of your choice onto the cord near the non-looped end. Make sure that the bead is slightly larger than the loop.

Wrap the cord around your hat. Fit the looped end of the cord over the bead. Since the bead is slightly larger than the loop, use firm pressure to fit the loop over the bead.


You can also stitch the nylon thread in place instead of wrapping. This adds more security, but will make it difficult to unwrap the hatband if you need to use your paracord again later. You can also stitch the band to your hat to keep it from falling off.

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