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How to Make Different Types of Paracord Duck Call Lanyards

Paracord is made from woven strands of nylon kernmantle.
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Duck call lanyards, also known as whistle necklaces, are accessories designed to hold one or more whistles around the neck. There are several different types of duck call lanyard, the simplest being a single looped piece of paracord on which the whistles are attached. A more visually attractive design is a braided duck call lanyard, which uses the same three-strand braiding technique that is used to braid hair.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Paracord
  • Duct Tape
  • Tape Measure
  • Thin Rope

Basic Duck Call Lanyard

Loop the tape measure around your neck to decide on the length you want the duck call lanyard to be. Cut a single piece of paracord that is 3-inches longer than this measurement.

Cut a 3-inch piece of thin rope. Insert the end of the rope through the hole in the top of the whistle.

Tie the two ends of the rope together in a double knot. Trim off any excess rope after the knot with the scissors.

Thread the rope loop and whistle onto the piece of paracord. Tie the two ends of paracord securely together in a double knot and place it over the head.

Braided Duck Call Lanyard

Cut three equal-sized pieces of paracord, each three times the desired length of your finished duck call lanyard.

Align the tops of the paracord, and tie them together in a double knot.

Cut a strip of duct tape, place it over the double knot and stick the paracord onto your work space.

Position the three paracord strands so they are vertically parallel to one another. Cross the paracord on the left over the middle strand. Cross the paracord on the right over the middle strand. Repeat this process until you have braided the desired length of lanyard.

Tie a double knot around the bottom of the braid. Cut off any excess loose paracord after the double knot with the scissors.

Cut a 3-inch strip of thin rope. Insert the ends of the rope through the hole in the whistle. Tie both ends of the rope together in a double knot to form a loop. Thread the loop onto the braided paracord.


Pull each piece of paracord with an equal amount of force when braiding, to create a neat and tidy braided duck call lanyard.


  • Scissors should only be used under the supervision of an adult. Never stick duct tape onto painted surfaces.
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