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How to Make Hemp Chokers

Hemp cord comes in different sizes and colors.
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Hemp necklaces are quick to make and can be fashionable. You can wear hemp at all times, even in the shower. Water will actually soften hemp so it becomes more comfortable to wear. For making a hemp choker, you are going to use a square knot, which will lay flat against your neck.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Hemp Cord
  • Measuring Tape
  • Clipboard
  • Masking Tape

Decide how long you want your choker to be -- 19 inches is a common length. Add six inches to the length that you want your choker. If you want your choker to measure 19 inches, then you would measure one strand of the hemp cord at 25 inches and cut using your scissors. Measure your next string at 38 inches and cut. This measurement is the length of your choker -- in this case, 19 inches, times two.

Fold the shorter string in half and clip it to the clipboard leaving a loop at the top. Fold your longer string in half and tie it around the two shorter strings.

The string on your far left is going to be the leader string, this string is going to lead you through each knot. Tape the bottom of the leader string using masking tape. For this choker, you are going to be using a square knot. The strings are going to be numbered in your head -- one, two, three and four. The leader string is one, the two shorter middle strings are two and three, and the last long string is four.

Cross string one over two and three, leaving a small loop. Cross string one under four. Pass the fourth string under two and three, then through the loop of one. Tighten by pulling string one and string four.

Cross string one over strings two and three, again leaving a small loop. Take string four and pass it under two and three, then through string one's loop. Tighten again by pulling string one and string four.

Repeat steps four and five until you reach 19 inches. Tie a knot at the end using all four strings. Cut the excess string, leaving 1/2 inch. Place the choker around your neck and inset the knot into the loop. Now you have your own hemp choker.


You can add beads at any time by inserting strings two and three through the hole and continuing your knotting technique. Be sure to tighten each knot tightly; loose knots will make the necklace uneven.

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