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How to Make a Paracord Beanie

Make a waterproof beanie using paracording.
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When you knit a beanie using yarn, the finished beanie may be warm but will not often be waterproof. This can cause the knit beanie to become damp quickly when covered in snow or rain. One alternative is to use paracord to make a knit beanie, which is created using nylon that is waterproof. You can make a handmade paracord beanie using materials that you can find readily at any arts and crafts supply store.

Things You'll Need:

  • Yarn Needle, Extra Large
  • Paracord, 3 Skeins
  • Scissors
  • Size 10 Circular Knitting Needles

Grasp the end of a skein of paracord, and fold the end over by 2 inches. Twist the fold one turn, then stick your finger and thumb through the resulting loop. Grasp the hanging paracord string in between your finger and thumb, then pull it through the loop to make a slip knot. Slide the slip knot onto one of the needles on a pair of circular needles, and allow the paracord to cinch onto the needle.

Grasp the hanging paracord string in between your thumb and forefinger, allowing the paracord to hang over the back of your hand when you hand is palm-side down. Turn your hand right side up, which will create a loop around your thumb. Insert the same knitting needle into the loop, then release it to complete one cast-on stitch. Repeat this process to cast on 50 stitches.

Hold the circular knitting needles horizontally in front of you, and straighten all of the stitches so that they all face the same way.

Slide the right knitting needle into the first paracord stitch on the left needle. Loop the hanging paracord string counter-clockwise around the right needle and lower the needle underneath the first stitch. Slide the stitch off of the left needle, creating the first knitted stitch. Repeat to knit around the circular needles until you have 7 inches of knitting.

Decrease the knitting by knitting two stitches at the same time every three stitches until you only have 10 stitches remaining.

Cut off the paracord string from the knitting, leaving a tail that is 6 inches in length. Insert the tail of paracord string into a large yarn needle.

Insert the yarn needle into the remaining stitches, then remove the stitches from the knitting needle. Pull the yarn needle to cinch the remaining stitches together.

Insert the yarn needle directly into the center point of the paracord beanie, then knot the paracord onto the underside of the beanie. Cut off the excess paracord string using scissors.


Use different colors of paracord to create a multicolored paracord beanie.


  • Keep sharp scissors and yarn needles out of the reach of children.
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