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Daisy Wheel Instructions

Make yarn daisies on your daisy wheel.
daisy daisy image by Deborah Durbin from Fotolia.com

Daisy wheels are small hand-held looms designed to create daisy flowers out of yarn. Daisy wheels are simple to use and can be utilized to create single daisy flowers or multiple flowers by sewing them together, creating a mock-lace of daisies. You don’t need to be an expert in knitting or weaving to make yarn daisies—daisy wheels are perfect for beginners to try their hand at crafting with yarn.

Make yarn daisies on your daisy wheel.
daisy daisy image by Deborah Durbin from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Yarn
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Daisy Wheel

Hold the daisy wheel in the opposite hand of your writing hand. The daisy wheel has a handle, then a flat circle on top that typically has 12 spokes coming out from the sides. Cut around 40 or 50 inches of yarn. When choosing the yarn, look for an even, full thread; thin yarns make flimsy daisies and uneven yarns make uneven daisies.

Hold one end of the yarn in the hand that is holding the daisy wheel. Wrap the yarn around one spoke of the daisy wheel, then across to the opposite spoke and wrap the yarn. Make sure the yarn is taut and crosses the center of the daisy wheel.

Wrap the yarn around the next peg and its opposite peg and continue until all the spokes are wrapped. If you have used very heavy yarn one layer may suffice; thinner yarn can be wrapped a couple more times around the whole wheel—most daisies benefit from a couple of layers.

Cut the remaining yarn to leave a 6 inch tail. Thread this tail through the needle. Tie it around the center of the daisy wheel, making sure all the crossed yarns in the center are secured with the knot. Tie it tightly and then cut off the remaining tail.

Twist the bottom part of the daisy wheel handle, which will pull the spokes inside the wheel and release the petals of the daisy. You can now attach your daisy to a hat or blouse as a decoration. Make multiple daisies and sew them together to create pot holders, place mats or any number of useful items.


Use variegated or multiple colors of yarn to create a multicolor daisy.

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