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How to Make Leg Warmers With a Nifty Loom

Use any color of yarn you want for this project.
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Provo Craft offers several different products to fit your knitting, scrapbooking and art needs. There are various shapes and sizes of Nifty Knitter looms that you can choose from, depending on whether you're knitting a scarf, hat, sweater or even leg warmers. A small round knitting loom is ideal for making leg warmers with ease. Use any color or texture of thick yarn to fit your needs or combine two thinner strands of yarn to make multicolored leg warmers.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Bulky Weight Yarn
  • Small, Blue, Round Nifty Knitter Loom
  • Loom Pick
  • Yarn Needle

Hold your small Nifty Knitter loom with the one outside peg facing you or if you consider the circle a clock, it would be at 6:00. Make one rotation around this outside peg with your yarn to hold it in place.

Wrap the yarn in a clockwise direction around the peg closest to the outside peg. Continue making clockwise rotations around each peg, moving counterclockwise around the knitting loom. Make two full rotations around the loom in this manner. Once you reach the outside peg after your second rotation, wrap the yarn around this peg to keep it in place. Keep the yarn somewhat loose as you work and push the first rotation of yarn towards the bottom of the peg so that there's room for the second row.

Grab your loom pick and look at the first peg near the outside peg to see the indentation on the outside edge of the peg. Loop the tip of the pick under the bottom row of yarn, pull it over the top row of yarn and off the peg. Do this for all pegs until you only have one row of yard on the pegs. Push these loops down on the pegs.

Starting with the first peg, do another row of yarn rotations in the same fashion until you reach the outside peg again. Loop the yarn on the outside peg and use the loom pick to pull the bottom row over and off the pegs.

Continue the looping and removing procedure until the leg warmer is 14 inches long or as long as you want the leg warmer to be.

Pull the leftover yarn so that you have a 2-foot length extending from the knitting loom. Cut the yarn at the 2-foot mark.

Thread the yarn needle that came with your Nifty Knitter with the end of your yarn. Starting with the first peg, stick the needle tip from the bottom of the peg up through the yarn loop and out. Continue in a counterclockwise direction and thread all the loops. Once you have threaded all the loops, pull the yarn loops off the pegs.

Pull the yarn until it's flush with the rest of the leg warmer or slightly tighter if needed to keep the leg warmer in place on the leg. Tie the yarn off on one of the yarn loops and cut off any excess.

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