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How to Make Key Chains out of Yarn

Use colored yarn to create custom key chains.
colors of yarn image by VisualEyez from Fotolia.com

Make your own key chains with yarn, or make them to give to family and friends as a gift. Yarn is available in many colors and can be braided, cut or looped to make different items, including custom key chains. Making yarn key chains does not involve any special skills or tools, and is a skill-level appropriate craft for adults and children as young as 9 years. Try making your own custom yarn key chains to add a decorative touch to your keys.

Use colored yarn to create custom key chains.
colors of yarn image by VisualEyez from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • 2 Beads
  • Scissors
  • Plain Key Ring
  • Yarn

Fringe Key Chain

Cut 10 strands of yarn, 12 inches long each. Choose several different colors of yarn for a multicolored fringe or use one color to make a solid colored fringe. Consider color combinations for holidays or team colors.

Hang each length of yarn over the plain key ring so that six inches of each hangs on either side of the ring.

Knot each length of yarn around the key ring so that the strands will all hang freely. Cut the hanging strands shorter to create a "puffy" style or leave them long for a freely hanging fringe.

Braided Key Chain

Cut three 12-inch lengths of yarn and tie the ends of each around a key ring with a simple "pull-through" knot.

Slide a bead over all three strands and pull it up to the key ring. Make a knot after the bead with all three strands of yarn to hold it in place.

Braid the three strands of yarn together. To do this, pull one of the outer strands over the middle strand and then pull the other outer strand over that strand. Pull from the opposite side each time you cross the center strand.

Stop braiding about two inches from the end of the yarn and slide another bead over the strands. Knot the end the same way you did at the beginning to hold the bead and braid in place.

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