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Directions for a Studio Twelve Flower Loom

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Studio Twelve Flower Looms are vintage plastic weaving looms from the '60s and '70s that helped crafters generate their own "Flower Power." The hand-held looms have 12 outer spokes that form a circle or a square and 12 inner spokes. Any stringing material similar in weight to yarn can be used to weave on these looms. Ribbon straw was traditionally used, but miscellaneous string, ribbon and thin wire can also be used. In a very short time, you will be popping your flower off this vintage loom and be ready to bring flower power to a new generation.

Measure one yard of yarn and leave this as excess fabric to use at the end of your construction. Do not cut this length but place at the one yard mark into the notch on the bottom edge of the loom. You may also tape it to the side of the loom.

Begin the flower making by bringing this same strand of yarn up between the pegs marked number one and twelve. Leave the first yard hanging off the edge of the loom as a tail.

Bring the yarn across the loom to peg number seven and create a figure-eight pattern as you go back to the first position.

Continue from this same spot, making three layers of figure-eight yarn lengths, one on top of the other.

Move to the next set of opposing pegs, and make three layers of figure eights at this position.

Advance around the loom in a clockwise motion until you are back at the beginning.

Leave 4 inches of excess yarn and tape to the edge of the loom before cutting the yarn.

Do the same figure-eight maneuver on the inner spokes. Leave only a 4-inch tail to begin and end this layer.

Use a large needle to thread the original yard of stringing material into the center. This will secure the flower shape. Use a back-stitch and go up and down around the whole of the flower's center until you get back to where you started.

Use a slant stitch now as a finishing stitch. Using the same length of yarn that is still in your needle, go over three of the flower petals and stitch down through all yarn. Come back two, from the bottom and bring your needle up to the top.

Continue with this slant stitch until you are back at the starting point. Make short stitches at the end to make the whole top symmetrical. This means going up and down through only one petal to finish this stitching on the last two positions.

Tie all the loose ends together on the back.

Gently push the petals off of the loom.

Things You'll Need:

  • Studio Twelve Loom
  • 5 yards yarn, or similar material
  • Scissors
  • Large sewing needle, size 14/18


Beads may be added as you weave the flower. The ends of the petals can be cut upon completion to create a fringed edge.

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