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Instructions for Knit Wit

Most yarns will work.

The Knit Wit is a tool that you can use to knit rosettes for making scarves, shawls, pillows, decor and much more without using knitting needles. Purchase a Knit Wit at hobby stores. Any yarn will work, creating a different look depending on the thickness. Start with a simple worsted yarn and practice making rosettes before beginning your project.

The Tools

The kit includes a round tool, a square tool and a needle. Each tool creates a slightly different rosette shape. Turn the knob on the handle until the prongs extend and click into position.

Making A Rosette

Knit Wit recommends looking at the tool as if it is a clock. Start at the bottom, center prong (the six o'clock position) and, holding a couple of inches of yarn as a tail, loop the yarn up and around the opposite prong (in the twelve o'clock position). Bring the yarn back down and loop it around the prong where you started.

Loop the yarn up around the prong at the one o'clock position. Bring the yarn down and loop it around the prong at the seven o'clock position. Take the yarn back up to loop it around the next prong to the right (at two o'clock).

Continue looping the yarn around each prong and it's opposite, working in a clockwise manner, until you are back where you started.

Repeat the process, overlapping your previous set of loops. You can repeat this process until the rosette is as thick as you'd like it to be.

The Center of the Rosette

An opening will appear as you form the rosette. Cut the yarn, leaving 28 to 30 inches for a tail and thread your needle. Hold onto the last loop with your finger while you insert the needle into the center. Pull the needle under and up through the spot between the eleven o'clock and twelve o'clock positions. Bring the needle back down through the center and up between the twelve o'clock and one o'clock positions and repeat until you have done this for each set of stitches.

To fix the rosette so it will not unravel, insert the needle into the center and bring it up between eleven o'clock and and twelve o'clock, but don't pull it taut. Bring your needle up and through the loop that forms, pulling it tight. This will lock your rosette, with the knot hidden behind it.

Creating the Border

Insert the needle into the center of the looped petal at the one o'clock position and leave a loop at the edge. Bring the needle back through this loop to make a knot. Repeat this step, moving clockwise and ending with another loop at one o'clock.

Twist the knob on the handle to retract the prongs, releasing the rosette.

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