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How to Crochet a Magic Square

Crocheted potholders add color and homemade pizzazz to your kitchen, but they may be too thin to protect your hands or countertops. A magic square, which has a double thickness, is the perfect solution to that problem, and the pattern allows you to use any stitch you choose. Because you use cotton yarn, you can toss your inexpensive potholder into the washer if it gets soiled.

Things You'll Need:

  • Crochet hook -- G, H or I
  • 4-ply cotton yarn
  • Tapestry or crewel needle

Make a Single-Crochet Magic Square

  • Make a chain of 31 stitches.
  • Beginning in the second chain from the hook, single-crochet in one side of each of the chain stitches to make 30 single-crochet stitches.
  • Now, single-crochet in each chain stitch on the opposite side of the first group of single-crochets.
  • For the next 19 rows, single-crochet in each stitch, working in the round.
  • Slip-stitch to finish off, leaving a long tail.
  • Fold the swatch to make a square, and use the tail and tapestry needle to stitch the edges closed.


Use double-, half-double or triple-crochet stitches for a different look.

Make a Diagonal Magic Square

  • Chain 26 and turn your work.
  • Insert your hook into the back loop of the second chain from the hook and make a single-crochet stitch. Repeat all the way across the chain.
  • Make a second single-crochet in the last chain stitch and turn your work.
  • Single-crochet back across in the opposite loop of the chain, ending with two single-crochets in the last chain.
  • Single-crochet in the back loop of each stitch all the way around until the top edges touch each other when laid out on the table. The corners will begin to turn in along the way; that’s the way they should look.
  • Finish off, leaving a tail three to four times longer than the length of your chain. Use the tail and tapestry needle to stitch the two top edges together.


Make a hanging loop by chaining 10 stitches and stitching the loop to the corner of your square.

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