How to Make a Starkiller Costume

Things You'll Need

  • Dark brown fabric, as wide as wearer's shoulders and the length between shoulder and knees
  • Fabric scissors
  • Wide leather belt
  • Grey felt
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Grey or brown long-sleeve shirt
  • Mid-calf black boots
  • Brown fabric scraps
  • Safety pins
  • Black fingerless gloves
  • Prop lightsaber

In the two “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” video games, Darth Vader’s hidden apprentice, Galen Marek, or “Starkiller,” wears a tattered, rugged ensemble. Like other dark side characters in Star Wars, he carries a red-bladed lightsaber. Almost any age person can wear a Starkiller costume. To enhance the costume, attend an event with someone dressed as Darth Vader. As Vader’s secret apprentice, Starkiller lacks subtlety seen among the Jedi.

Fold the dark brown fabric in half. Cut a hole in the exact middle of the fabric sheet for the head to go through.

Drape the brown fabric over the wearer's head.

Wrap the leather belt around the person's waist. Let the brown fabric gather under the belt.

Cut the bottom of the pieces of fabric to look tattered. Do not cut the fabric any higher than mid-thigh.

Cut a U-shape from the grey felt, large enough to rest on the person's shoulders. Drape the grey U around the neckline and pin it to the fabric. Have the wearer take off the belt and brown fabric. Sew the grey piece into place. Remove the pins after the grey felt is sewn in place.

Cut the left sleeve on the long-sleeved shirt off at the elbow.

Have the wearer put on the shirt, brown fabric, belt and boots. Wrap the scraps of brown fabric around the upper part of the boots. Use a safety pin to hold the fabric in place.

Put on the fingerless gloves. Carry a proper lightsaber.