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Crafts Using Fishing Bobbers

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Crafts are all about creativity, and finding a new use for everyday objects is a big part of the fun. Fishing bobbers are an excellent material for Christmas decorations, but they have other applications as well.

Bobber Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a popular craft using fishing bobbers. A Santa or a snowman can easily be made with these red and white fishing trinkets. For a snowman, use three different sized bobbers, with the smallest for the head, then the medium size below and the largest on the bottom. connect the bobbers together using their hooks and then give your snowman eyes and a hat. Feed thin ribbon or string through the top to hang the ornament with.

For a Santa ornament, just use one large bobber. Glue or paint on some eyes and add a small cotton ball on top (the red half) for a hat and a bit of stretched out cotton to the bottom to make a beard.

Bobber Wreaths

A Christmas wreath made out of bobbers is a fun decoration for a country Christmas. The wreath is made by wrapping white Christmas lights around a wire wreath form, and then wiring on various sized white and red bobbers to cover the wreath form. For a nice touch, add a large bow of festive ribbon to the top.

Bobber Light Pull

For homes with a rustic decor, fishing bobbers make excellent light pulls. Simply use the hook on the top to attach them to the existing light pull. If the bright colors don't mesh well, try painting the bobber or shopping antique stores for vintage bobbers made from wood or cork.

Bobber Floating Keychain

Heading out on the boat? Attach a bobber to your key ring using some ribbon, twine, or a number of other materials to keep your keys from sinking if they fall overboard. To personalize the bobber or just make it pretty you can paint it or even add rub-on transfers or rhinestones. Just don't forget to remove any other heavy key rings before leaving land. The bobber won't keep more than a couple of keys from heading to the bottom of the lake.

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