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How to Make Jewelry From Old Keys

Things You'll Need:

  • Crafter's Pick Superglue
  • Old keys
  • Spray lacquer
  • Flexible wire and cutters
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Jewelry pins and clasps

How to Make Jewelry From Old Keys. In a world that needs every person to reduce, reuse and recycle, coming up with ways to reuse your old junk in a funky, fun way is beneficial to the planet. Contribute by making jewelry from old keys.

Design your own brooch. Find a base that your old key can be glued to, like a button or coin. Arrange your keys in an eye-pleasing design, and then use a durable metal glue to afix the keys to the base. Afix a clothing pin to the back of the base with the glue. After 24 hours, apply a sealant to the piece and let it dry for 8 to 12 hours.

Use old keys as a charm. Some ornate old keys are beautiful without any work at all. Find a chain that matches the metal cast of the key and thread the chain through the key's hole.

Make earrings from old keys. Take two keys that are the same or similar. Use needlenosed pliers to wrap the top of the key with a similarly colored wire. After the key is firmly in place, curve the wire into hooks that will be threaded through the earlobe.

Add antique flare to your charm bracelet. Using flexible wire, form a loop with two layers of wire, or you can use a tiny key ring. Place the key within the loop of the wire, and enclose a loop of your charm bracelet before closing the loop. Tightly close the loop with an extra twist to the remaining wire before wearing.

Fashion tiny keys into tiny stud earrings. Using your sturdy metal glue, afix similar, tiny keys to metal or plastic earring backs. Let them stand for 24 hours. Use the metal sealant, and allow the earrings to cure for 8 to 12 hours before handling.

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