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How to Play the Bridal Shower Purse Game

Play the Bridal Shower Purse Game
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The bridal shower purse game can add a bit of fun and pizazz to a bridal shower. Unlike some other bridal shower games, the purse game is absolutely free and is very easy to prepare and play. All that is needed to create the game is imagination, and all that is needed to play the game are the shower guests and their purses, along with a simple list that you give to each guest. Just follow these steps and discover how easy and fun the bridal shower purse game is for yourself.

Type up a list of the different things that may be found in a woman's purse. Be sure to include common items, such as credit cards and tissues, as well as unusual items like a two-dollar bill or toenail clippers.

Assign a point value to each item on your list. Common items should have lower point values than unusual items.

Make enough copies of the list so that you'll have enough for each shower guest.

Hand out the lists to your guests at the shower or put them at each place setting. The guests can be grouped together into teams, such as by table, or each guest can play individually.

Instruct each guest to look through her purse to find items on the list and check off each item that she has.

Have everyone tally up their points, and the person or team with the highest number of points wins the game. Award a prize or prizes to the winner(s).

Things You'll Need:

  • Pens
  • Printed-out game lists
  • Small prizes (such as candles, notecards or scented lotion)


The more specific the item, the higher the point value. For example, lipstick might be worth one point, while red lipstick might be worth five points. Make sure that the items on the list are things that realistically could be found in the purses of your guests. Guests will have more fun with the more points they are able to accumulate, so it is a good idea to find a balance between commonplace items that will guarantee points and high-point-value items that will add interest.

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