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How to Make a Sexy Outfit With the Clothes You Have in Your Closet

Most of us have clothes in our closets that are going begging. Chances are, all you need is a little creativity and gumption to create a sexy outfit from what you already have on hand.

Go through all of your clothes and take an inventory, regardless of whether the clothes seem sexy or not. Consider everything you have, including clothes that are very old and seem outdated, and clothes that you never wear. Be sure to take down any storage boxes that contain clothes you've stored for seasonal purposes or because of limited space. Don't omit anything. Don't think that your low-slung jeans are too casual, that your halter tops are too slutty or that your old prom dress is too formal. We're in the brainstorming phase right now, so keep all your options open.

Include your underwear in your inventory. Be sure to go through any teddies, bustiers, tights, panty hose and bras you have in your closet or dresser.

Try on various articles one at a time. Create a pile or storage crate for anything that doesn't fit. Create another area for items that fit well.

Begin to try on articles of clothing together. For example, if you've got a really sexy black lacy bra, a black halter top and low-rise jeans, try them on together to see how they look. Try switching articles to see how the change looks. For example, change out your low-rise jeans for a black miniskirt and boots. Then try out the miniskirt with a see-through top and leotard. Check out the combination in the mirror to see the overall effect. Allowing a bit of bra to peek out from your top can often make a sexy outfit out of something drab and ordinary. Don't balk at combining items that don't seem to go together. You won't know how they look until you see them on your body.

Don't hesitate to get out some scissors and a needle and thread if nothing in your closet pleases you. Simply removing sleeves from one article, or adding a bit of a ruffled or lacy fringe to another can turn a boring outfit into something super-sexy. That old jumpsuit from your high-school homecoming dance may look dated by itself, but it may have something on it that would complement another article in your wardrobe. So let your creativity run wild.

Add accessories to your outfit to top it off. Then go out and have some fun!

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